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The Brinkley Insurance Group aims to provide quality insurance for businesses. Our mission is to build a working relationship with our clients and their companies. The Brinkley Insurance Group will provide practical advice to support short-term and long-term goals. We’ll manage your commercial insurance needs, while you focus on growing your business.

Commercial General Liability

No matter how large or small, there are risks associated with running a business. The goal of a General Liability Insurance Policy is to protect company owners from claims stemming from a wide range of sources. Businesses are vulnerable to various liability situations like employee and sub-contractor accidents, contractual vulnerabilities, and even discrepancies in the products being made and delivered.

Business owners and general contractors have the responsibility of carrying coverage for a wide range of scenarios that may arise. Even if the person or group involved are not part of your immediate team, claims have a way of attaching themselves to businesses.

The Brinkley Insurance Group can help you navigate through the options and determine the best policy that fits your company. The type of policies are payroll expenses, gross receipts, etc. We can shop the market for the best rate for your business.

Business Owner's Policy

Business Owner’s Insurance Policies (BOP) package property and general liability into one policy. These policies will cover your business location and business property. Most carriers create specialized coverages tailored to their target markets and will offer unique benefits to your specific business. If you are considering BOP, let The Brinkley Insurance Group help guide you to the best decision.

Business Auto

The Brinkley Insurance Group can assist you in implementing a proper Commercial Auto Insurance Policy that gets your company covered. Commercial vehicles can expose your business to a whole other level of liability, whether you have a single business vehicle or an entire fleet. Let us help implement custom coverage that gives you piece of mind.

A business vehicle has to meet certain requirements to qualify for Commercial Auto Insurance. Considerations are how a vehicle is used, ownership factors, hauling payloads and duty specs. Only in certain situations can personal vehicles be considered. The costs involved with these types of policies are not regulated like personal auto insurance, so shopping the market for the best value is important to get a successfully, beneficial policy.

Business Property

Commercial Property Insurance is meant to provide coverage in the case of unfortunate events jeopardizing your company’s assets. Scenarios include burglary, storm events, fire and other natural disasters. This unique policy is put in place to protect property owned by the company, as well as the building. Items can span from lost income due to interruption, structural damage, technology failure, and destruction of money and documents.

Worker's Compensation

If an employee is injured on the job, having Worker’s Compensation Insurance is meant to protect businesses from claims. Injuries can result due to an on-site fall, an auto accident and even work-related illnesses. These policies can protect the employer, while providing compensation for the injured individual from lost wages and medical bills.

Often, Workers Compensation is one of the largest insurance expenses for a business and for most employers it is required. Let The Brinkley Insurance Group find a solution that works for your company to provide a trusted, safe working environment.

Liquor Liability

Does your business sell and serve alcohol? If you do, then your need for Liquor Liability Insurance is crucial! In the unfortunate event that an unruly or disheveled customer damages your property or is injured after being served alcohol, this type of policy will protect your business. It is designed for distributors, manufacturers and anywhere alcoholic beverages are sold, such as taverns, convenient stores, clubs and restaurants. Let The Brinkley Insurance Group customize a policy and provide the liability protection for your business.

Builder's Risk

Builders Risk Insurance provides coverage of new construction or building renovations projects. While a building is under constructionand the project is in progress, this policy provides coverage toward the value of materials both on location and in transit, as well as for the property value itself. It doesn’t just apply to new construction projects, it would cover special projects like room additions, outside accent items and remodeling. The policy stays in effect until the project is complete.

Builders Risk Insurance can be provided by the commercial contractor, developer or the property owner and is a valuable coverage for people with construction property investments. Cost can equal a large sum, especially if a project involves moving a lot of earth around. Policies can be written for commercial or residential projects.

The Brinkley Insurance Group works with property owners and contractors alike to design and write these policies. Contact us today with your needs.

Employment Practices (EPLI)

Employment Practices Insurance (EPLI) covers a realm of alleged employment related claims and accusations. Today it is rather commonplace to hear about litigation cases involving discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful discharge or termination, hostility, retaliation and more. As an employer it is more important than ever to protect yourself and company against these types of claims.

The Brinkley Insurance Group can help you be proactive in respects to Employment Practices management. Contact us today and let us know your company needs.

Directors & Officers Liability (D&O)

In the case of negligence claims toward Directors and Officers of a company, this insurance serves to protect the upper leadership of businesses. Claims often focus on expected management performance and duties as related to the company. It is not to be confused with Errors and Omissions Policies, which focus on products and services, however both policies are normally put in place alongside one another.

Interested in Directors and Officers Insurance? Let us help!

Professional Liability (E&O)

Errors and Omission Liability Insurance focuses on negligence with respects to products and services. For example, a claimant may suggest the poor performance of a company or individual that was influenced by a design decision or professional advice, educated recommendations.

This type of coverage is not to be confused with Directors and Officers Insurance which is concerned with claims against management performance. However, both insurance types are commonly placed alongside one another for maximum protection.


Bond Insurance is sometimes called Financial Guarantee Insurance. Its purpose is to cover losses from specified financial transactions. Otherwise put, it is an insurance policy that covers the lender from liability in the case that the borrower does not repay the loan. It can also cover losses concerning decreases in interest rates in the borrower’s favor. In most US states, these policies do not cover mortgages and certain lines of credit.

If you have a need for Bond Insurance, contact The Brinkley Insurance Group today to discuss options.


Special Events can be glorious, memorable times for promoting your company and/or involving large groups of people in your mission and efforts. On the flip side, you can’t ignore the high level of risk involved anytime multitudes of people are brought together. It may be a festival, concert, corporate appreciation day, large scale meeting, a celebration or show, whatever, Special Event Insurance is a must to cover and protect companies from those unexpected occurrences. Don’t let a lack of coverage damper your event, speak with The Brinkley Insurance Group today to discuss you needs.

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