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Life Insurance is a way to protect a family’s future. When a death occurs, they can leave behind expenses and debt that falls back on loved ones. Items like burial expenses, medical bills, and mortgages are difficult to handle when income is drastically diminished due to an unexpected passing. A proper Life Insurance Policy can help families carry the burden and maintain a healthy standard of living.

Term life insurance

Term life insurance pays a death benefit to your loved ones if you die during the policy “term.” Term life insurance is intended to cover your risk of dying during those years when your family still requires your support. We have many varieties of term life: Level-premium term life, Annual renewable term life, Decreasing term life, Return of premium term life.

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universal life insurance

The Brinkley Insurance Group can help create a permanent life insurance which is referred to as Universal Life Insurance. Universal Life Insurance or UL is an investment savings element with low premiums like term life insurance. Most Universal Life Insurance policies contain a flexible premium option. However, some require a single premium or fixed premium. Contact us today to begin your Universal Life Insurance.

Long-term care insuarnce

Long Term Care is a type of policy that covers basic daily needs over an extended time. As health care insurance or Medicare helps pay for the immediate medical cost, a long-term insurance policy helps individuals confront the cost of chronic illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s disease or other disabilities. Learn what’s available today by contacting The Brinkley Insurance Group.

Disability Income Insurance

Families may struggle with loved ones unable to work, this is where Disability Income Insurance can assist. Disability Income Insurance can provide periodic payments of benefits when an individual is unable to work.  The insurance is designed to replace up to 65% of your tax-free gross income if the illness keeps a worker from earning an income in their occupation.

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