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The Brinkley Insurance Group offers protection for your home, automobiles, boats, motorcycles, and personal belongings, plus coverage for personal liability. Everyone has different needs and values. It’s our task to ask the correct questions, to get the correct answers. This enables us to tailor an insurance coverage plan to meet your unique coverage needs.


A well-organized homeowners insurance policy provides layers of protection for your home, personal property and protection against being sued by an individual that is injured on your property. It will compensate you for personal items that might be destroyed in a fire or other devasting disaster scenario. If you rent an apartment or own a home, a good homeowners insurance policy should defend and protect. You may not know what’s going to happen, but The Brinkley Insurance Group can help you be ready!


Drivers depend on their vehicle every day. For many of us, a vehicle is a valuable investment that we want and need to protect.

Auto insurance can be broken up into three categories: Liability or damage to others, Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage, and Physical Damage or damage to your vehicle.

Liability Auto Insurance is required in most states, and it is the most important component of your auto policy.  Liability provides coverage for injuries and/or physical damage to another party’s property when you are considered at fault in an accident.  With the rising cost of medical bills and the increase in vehicle prices, The Brinkley Insurance Group is here to verify you have the proper level of coverage.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage covers you and your vehicle, when you are struck by a driver that does not have any insurance or not enough insurance to cover your injuries or repair/replace your vehicle.

Physical Damage provides coverage for your vehicle, this is most commonly referred to as Comprehensive and Collision Auto Insurance. Comprehensive covers those “not-at-fault” situations like theft, fire, collision with an animal, glass breakage and other weather-related scenarios. Whereas Comprehensive covers the “not-at-fault” situations, Collision provides coverage for your vehicle in at-fault accidents. Most policies provide necessary coverage car rentals and towing and labor.

Having auto insurance is a responsibility. The Brinkley Insurance Group will help you determine a plan that’s right for you.


Do you own a rental property or secondary home? If so, you need a different type of home policy to cover the property. The Brinkley Insurance Group is experienced in tailoring the correct coverage for your specific risk.  Whether you own a beach house or Mountain Cabin, a secondary home or a rental property, or a long-term investment property or a short-term vacation rental, The Brinkley Insurance Group can find the correct coverage and tailor a policy to meet your unique risk.


Personal Liability Coverage or Umbrella insurance is extra liability protection. This insurance policy is designed to help protect you from serious liability claims. An Umbrella Policy can protect you from lawsuits that your basic coverage simply cannot handle alone.

It’s not unusual for people to demand money in lawsuits, especially if they think they deserve it. If it’s an automobile accident, or a person trips and falls on your property, judgments in the millions are not uncommon.  With an Umbrella Insurance Policy in place, it’s nice to know there is an additional amount of coverage to protect your personal assets.  The more money, property, assets you have the more you could lose in in a lawsuit.  Remember you don’t need to be worth a million dollars to be sued for a million dollars.  The great news is that a million-dollar policy can cost less than $150.00 per year.

Let The Brinkley Insurance Group present you with the right options.


The Brinkley Insurance Group offers insurance policies for secondary transportation and recreational vehicles. Policy types vary, and coverage availability will differ depending on what’s needed. At The Brinkley Insurance Group, we will guide you in the right direction for your lifestyle.

Boat & Marine Insurance

A good Boat or Marine Insurance Policy can cover unpleasant damage to the boat, motor, trailer and personal belonging inside. Extra, options can include liability, medical due to injuries, hull damage and more. If you own a small recreational speedboat, sailboat, or pontoon, there are many policies that can match your recreation, commercial and charter needs. We can help you shop for the best rates.

Motorcycle Insurance

Love to ride? If you do, having the correct insurance policy is the right step to enjoying the motorcycle even more! We will help you handle the risks involved and help you cover the burden in case financial loss occurs due to an accident. We’ll consider all the possibilities associated with your riding lifestyle and create a responsible plan. At The Brinkley Insurance Group, we can find the best plan that protects you and the ones all around you.

ATV Insurance

An All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) is a specialized vehicle. Mostly used by off-road adventurist, ATVs requires a different set of rules for coverage. Most factors include vehicle type (number of wheels, body, size, etc.) and the options in which they are driven. There are some similarities between motorcycle insurance and 4×4 insurance for basic coverage.

Recreational Vehicles (RVs) and Campers

Recreational Vehicles and Campers are your mobile vacation vehicles. Recreational Vehicles (RVs) are typically motorized or driven by the owner and Campers are towed by another vehicle.  Make sure you have the proper coverage for damage or theft.  Most people don’t realize that they need extra protection for personal belongings stored inside the Camper, along with extra coverage for customized accessories like awnings.  The Brinkley Insurance Group is here to makes sure your home away from home is properly covered.

At The Brinkley Insurance Group owning, operating and having fun with these type of vehicles can make be outdoors more. Let us help and protection you so you can enjoy the ride!


Some unique or valuable items that you own may need Specialty Coverage.  Specialty Insurance Policy can help protect your possessions from theft and damage. These items include: Jewelry, Art Work, Collectibles and Memorabilia, Furs, Firearms, Silverware and Fine China, Rugs, and Antiques.  These items will have higher values because they are unique or hard to replace.  Your homeowner’s policy is designed to replace property with new items of like kind and quality, but these items are more valuable because they are older and unique.  The Brinkley Insurance Group can provide options for supplemental protection that will protect your unique valuables in the case of an unfortunate event.

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